“Chase your dreams like she’s the only hot girl on deployment.”
– Some Veteran

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From the Navy, to the restaurant business, to Physical Therapy and music…

I come from humble beginnings in Conway, SC. I quit guitar lessons as a kid because it was too hard. One day I felt a burning desire to pick it up again. I joined the Navy, and deployments were the perfect time to practice.

After leaving active duty, and spending some time as an Army contractor, I decided to come home to South Carolina. I owned a restaurant with my dad for a few years and graduated from PT school, as that burning desire to pursue music became an inferno.

I finally decided to pursue this dream! I sing, I write, and I cover music from every genre and generation. Most of the time, it’s just me and my guitar. I play from the heart. What I feel, I sing. Hope a few others can feel it with me.

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